The Meeting Minutes of board meetings and other documents will be added to the resources library as available.

All architectural requests must go to Your HOA Community Management Company. Do not send them to a board member. Please fill out the “Architectural Request” form at least one month prior to your project start time.

How Can I Help My Community?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! 🙂 We always love to see neighbors coming together for the betterment of the community. Life is so much easier when we all work together, right? We all have different strengths and we all enjoy helping in different ways.

Below are three committees that have been created to make sure that our community functions as it should and continues to be a beautiful, clean place to live!

Please contact Rachel Petry for more information:

“Let’s Chat” 
Creates and publishes quarterly digital newsletters, is in charge of general community communication and social event planning.
“Green Team”
Organizes monthly community clean-ups, hands out awards for Lawn of the Month, Christmas decorations, etc.
“Fix-It Crew”
Helps address lighting and pool concerns, contacts management for repairs.

Document Library

Online Architectural Request Form

Articles of Incorporation


6-30-2009 The Woods Covenants

8-27-2002 Retail Covenants

9-6-2002 Ameriana Bank Covenants

12-30-2002 The Lakes Covenants

12-30-2002 The Valleys Covenants


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